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The Laureates at 25th "Rodolfo Lipizer Prize"

Laureates at 25th Lipizer Prize

Final Results of 25th Violin Competition “Rodolfo Lipizer Prize” 2006

Amaury COEYTAUX - France – FIRST PRIZE “Premio Rodolfo Lipizer”
Yoon Shin SONG – South Korea – Second Prize
Eung Soo KIM – South Korea – Third Prize
Jaha LEE – South Korea – Fourth Prize
Andrey BARANOV – Russia – Fifth Prize
Anders NILSSON – Norway – Sixth Prize

09.13.2006 Final Stage

The semifinal results of "Rodolfo Lipizer Prize" Violin Competition.

The six admitted contestants to the Final stage: Baranov Andrei (Russia), Coeytaux Amaury (France), Kim Eung Soo (South Korea), Lee Jaha (South Korea), Nilsson Anders (Norway), Song Yoon Shin (South Korea ). The Giury of the Lipizer competition awarded the following Special Prizes: - to Coeytaux Amaury (France) the special Prize “Vittorio and Maria Procaccini” offered by the daughter, the composer Teresa Procaccini, for the best performance of a work of 20th Century (Sonata n. 1 in F minor op. 80 by Prokofiev), - to Kuroda Yuri (United States) the special Prize “Bruna Bressan Pirolo”, offered by the sons, to the best semifinalist; - to Cho Yun Jin (South Korea) the special Prize offered by the “Lions Maria Theresia Club” from Gorizia for the best performance of “Ditirambo”, the work especially written for the 25th “Prize R. Lipizer” by the composer Franco Oppo; - to Song Yoon Shin (South Korea) the special Prize offered by the Libreria Editrice Goriziana to the best interpreter of the Capriccio n. 17 by Nicolò Paganini; - to Nilsson Anders (Norway) the special Prize from prof. Lorenzo Qualli, for the best performance of a Sonata from 19th Century (Sonata in A major op. 162 by Schubert); - to Aldemir Atilla (Turkey) - semifinalist with a clear artistic personality – the special Prize “Anna Piciulin” offered by Lorenzo Qualli. The “prize of the audience” offered by prof. Ucci and prof. Federico Magris in order to honor the memory of the violinist from Gorizia Umberto Corubolo, Ernesto Leonardi and Savino Lovisutti went to Coeytaux Amaury (France). To remind the premiére of the compulsory work by the composer Franco Oppo, “Ditirambo” for violino solo, written for 25°th “Rodolfo Lipizer Prize”. A particular mention goes to the official pianists of the Competition: Inga Dzektser (Russia) and Mihaela Cristina Spiridon (Rumania), that demonstrated their artistic maturity and professional competence.

09.10.2006 -  Semifinal  timetable

The eliminatory results of 25th International Violin Competition “Rodolfo Lipizer Prize”.

On Saturday 9th September, the eliminatory stage of 25° the International Competition of Violino “Prize Rodolfo Lipizer” ended. 36 contenders from Europe, Americas and Asia partecipated to the first round.
The general level of the contenders was truly good, so it was a hard job for the Jury.
The names of the 16 semifinalists are: Aldemir Atilla (Turkey), Baranov Andrei (Russia), Cho Yun Jin (South Korea), Coeytaux Amaury (France), Igonina Julia (Bielorussia), Kim Eung Soo (South Korea), Kuroda Yuri (United States), Lee Jaha (South Korea), Lund Macmillan Rosalie (United States), Madic Stanko (Serbia), Mânza Dragos-Mihail (Romania), Muraki Aya (United States), Nilsson Anders (Norway), Salvat Marie (France), Song Yoon Shin (South Korea), Trabé Katia (France - Switzerland).
The Jury assigned also the first special prizes of the competition. The “special Prize” offered by the “Gruppo Costruzioni dell’Unione degli Industriali” of the Province of Gorizia, for the best interpreter of a Sonata by W. A. Mozart, went to Kim Eung Soo (Korea of the South). The “special Prize” for the best performance of the Variations from “the Advanced Technique of Violino” by Rodolfo Lipizer went to Lee Jaha (South Korea).
The semifinal will begin on Monday, 11th. The programme includes virtuosistic Sonatas and works from classical, romantic and modern literature for violino and piano (official pianists are Inga Dzektser (Russia) and Mihaela Cristina Spiridon (Romania), together with the personal pianists of the competitors. It will be the premiére of “Ditirambo” for violino solo, especially written for the “Prize Rodolfo Lipizer” competition by the italian composer M° Franco Oppo.

The Jury of the 25th Violin Competition: